Top Performers for the Fit Schools Challenge

Take the Living Well in Louisiana Challenge and win the Malcolm Jenkins Award!

Malcolm Jenkins is the celebrity host of the Living Well in Louisiana Fit Schools Challenge, which challenges children to form teams within their schools and compete by tracking their activity miles to equal a race to the Pacific and back, charting the course of legendary explorers Lewis and Clark.


 RankNameSteps (Ave)Distance (mi)
1 St. Amant Middle School 68,621 32.3
2 Grambling Alumnae
11,999 5.6
3 Joy Leapers 9,672 4.6
4 CSN Alumnae 9,550 4.5
5 Teacher's Pets 7,377 3.5
6 Just a Healthy Fleur De Lis 7,203 3.4