Recipient Outreach Materials

As a current Medicaid or LaCHIP recipient, you will recieve this postcard in the mail encouraging you to attend a meeting in your local area to learn more about the Health Plan choice process and to receive Health Plan choice guidance. The postcard lists local meeting dates, times, and locations: Postcard 1 (Spanish, Vietnamese)


This postcard reminds Medicaid/LaCHIP recipients who have not yet selected a Health Plan that their time is running out, and informs them that a Health Plan will be chosen for them if they do not select a Health Plan: Postcard 2 (Spanish, Vietnamese)


The Readiness Brochure is a 16-page brochure designed to alert Medicaid and LaCHIP recipients of the transition to Health Plans and the opportunity to select the Health Plan that best meets their needs: Recipient Readiness Brochure (Spanish, Vietnamese)

Other Materials

  • Frequently Asked Questions Sheet
  • "Choose Health" Flyer
  • "Choose Health" Poster