DWRLF Loan Closings

FY July 2013- June 2014


Southeast Grant Water System; Loan 1: 8/14/2013

Amount: $351,200.00


The proposed improvements include sandblasting and repainting the elevated water tank using a full drape to contain and dispose of paint debris; replacing the access ladder, hatch and frame, riser and foundation, and sample tap. 


City of Leesville; Loan 1:  8/9/2013

Amount: $ 4,800,000.00


The overall proposed project improvements include rehabilitation of the water distribution system, upgrades to the existing water treatment plants, and rehabilitation to the existing water storage tanks.   The distribution rehabilitation has been deemed to be the most outstanding deficiency throughout the water system.   Nearly 60% of the water produced is leaked out of the system according to existing usage and production files.  Addressing this issue is of utmost priority for the project.


Town of Gramercy; Loan 1:  8/9/2013

Amount: $ 1,500,000.00


The Town proposes the following projects: 1. Construct a new operations building with adequate space for operators to monitor and control the plant, perform plant water quality testing, record and maintain plant records, and relocate chlorine and ammonia feeds to this building; and 2. Construct improvements to the water treatment plant including painting existing structures, replacement of piping and valves, a new transfer/backwash pumping station, new sludge pumps, new filter media and drains, an air backwash system, a new control system and a canopy for the filters and pipe gallery.


Saint John the Baptist Waterworks Districts 1 &2 ; Loan 1:  9/18/2013

Amount: $ 5,500,000.00


Phase 1 includes the following projects: 1. Replace four altitude valves at elevated storage tanks; 2. Make adjustments and upgrades to the water intake structure at the Lions Pump Station; and 3. Replace five old filters with new filters at the Lions Water Treatment Plant.  Phase 2, to be constructed at a later date, will include a waterline under the Mississippi River to connect the Lions Water Treatment Plant on the east bank to the Edgard Water Treatment Plant on the west bank.