DWRLF Loan Closings

FY July 2011- June 2012


Livingston Ward 2, Loan 4: 11/30/2011

Amount: $8,000,000.00


Loan Four consists of a number of improvements to the water  system as described below:

Installation of new water wells and elevated storage tanks, back-up power for existing and proposed wells, installation of flushing devices on dead end mains, and approximately 55 miles of new mains which includes replacement and upgrading of existing, new construction and expansion within the district boundaries.  Water system reliability and dependability issues and problems are to be solved by adding items for redundancy of critical components along with back-up electrical supply on water wells.



Avoyelles Ward One Water System Loan 1: 12/28/2011

Amount: $1,550,000.00


Funding is being used to construct a new approximately 200,000-gallon elevated water storage tank, rehabilitate the existing 50,000-gallon elevated water storage tank, and install over 30,000-feet of 6 to 12-inch water main with fire hydrants installed throughout and at critical structures for fire protection.  This proposed project will also include the installation of valves and all appurtenances necessary in association with the installation of the larger water mains and storage tank. 


The City of Alexandria Loan 2&3: 10/11/2011

Amount: $7,6140,000.00

The proposed project improvements include major rehabilitative improvements to eight (8) existing urban water wells and replace approximately 50,000 feet of pipe in the Garden District distribution system to meet system demand.  


The City of Mansfield Loan 2&3: 11/10/2011 & 1/06/2012 

Amount: $3,280,000.00


Water Distribution System Improvements – This contract will consist of the replacement of approximately 74,000 linear feet of 3” through 12” PVC water mains, valves, fire hydrants and related appurtenances.

Water Treatment Facility Improvements – This contract will consist of improvements to the City’s raw water pump station, existing clarifier, new clarifier, filter rewash system, pumping equipment, chemical feeders, meters and monitoring and control instrumentation, electrical system, operations building, plant building repairs, site work and filter canopy.

Water Booster Station Improvements- This contract will consist of improvements to the City’s three water booster stations (Stanley Water Booster, South Mansfield Water Booster Station and Holly Water Booster Station) including repairs to ground storage tanks, pumping equipment, building repairs.

The City of Winnfield: 2/16/2012


From left to right:

J.T. Lane, Assistant Secretary, LDHH, OPH;

B.R. Audirsch, Mayor of the City of Winnfield

Jennifer Meyer, Program Manager, Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund Program, OPH, LDHH

Jake Causey, Chief Engineer, LDHH, OPH


The funding will be used to implement many improvements to the City’s drinking water system.  These improvements include: construction of a new 1000 gpm water well, including electrical control system, and site piping tie-ins; rehabilitate wells 8 and 11; cap and abandon well no. 7; make minor repairs to ground storage tank; and extend a new water main to tie well no. 8 to existing main.  The project also includes replacement of aging water meters with new electronic automatic read water meters. 


The Town of Pearl River: 4/13/2012

Amount: $1,800,000.00


The proposed improvement project consists of constructing a new 250,000 gallon elevated storage tank, install approximately 300 water meters to serve both residential and commercial customers, and install flow meters at active water wells which will allow accurate measurement of daily production.  The Town also proposes to install a new 12 inch waterline which will extend from the old water well and tank site to the new water well and proposed tank site.  This will provide for a more efficient and effective method to keep both elevated tanks filled.